Angel wings

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Eyes filled with warmth
Smiles of joy
Beautiful soul
Denying beauty
Heart of gold
Your arms around me
Protecting my fragile soul
Like a Angel you watch over me
Helping me spread my wings
And feel free

Behind these four walls I let everything break

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Hiding behind smiles and laughes
Acting happy and gleefully
But once behind sealed doors
I weep my eyes out
Letting reality crash down

Falling from the highest top, not finding my way down

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Dark and Light
Day and Night
Together they're strong
The powers within them will last for long


Streaks across my skin
Pouring out the pain within
Snakes ringling in me
I wish I could be free
Free from the world
Free from the misery


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Ett skott är allt som behövs
Ett skott
Sen är det slut
Slut på tårar
Slut på lidande
Slut på livet
Äntligen fri


Innocent child
No fears, no lies
Innocent child
No tears, no cries
Sweet innocent
Loving and cared
Innocent child
Not a single tear shed
On the loss of a life, a love, a mind
Not a single tear shed
On the loss of family
The innocent child
Happy for the moment
Not knowing the pain, the cries
We all hope for the innocent child
To never feel hurt, to cry over someone
For the innocent child
We give everything


There is something called time
It's supposed to heal
Even the impossible
It's supposed to tell us that time goes, coming closer to the uninvitebal
But my time stopped years ago
I have no idea what day, month or year it is
I'm standing still, while everyone else is moving on
There's nothing left here for me, but still...
I'm not able to leave.


I shed my tears
I let them fall
I cried I feared
They would never stop.


Thoughts of my mind
Words from my heart
Whispers from the trees
Tears from the rain
Hands of an human
Touches from the wind


A whisper
Barely heard
A touch
Shivering body
A kiss
Longing for more
A heart
Is now always yours

Hey, who's back?

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Länge sen jag bloggade, jag VET! Jag läser alldeles för mycket, så jag glömmer bort att blogga, vem är det som är bookworm? ;)
I alla fall, imorgon kommer jag inte skriva, för jag fyllde år i måndags och det är dags att fira det med en liten tjejmiddag. Fabulos thing you know. Fast på lördag tänkte jag lägga in ALLA bilder jag ritat senaste året, så det blir väl quite fun. Yes... Nu ska jag fortsätta min läsning.