Chapter Three - Dramione fanficiton

“Hermione how is it? Your so quiet.” Harry’s voice came so sudden that Hermione jumped in her chair.

“Oh, it’s just fine. A lot on my mind, that’s all.” She said, and smiled to the two boys who were looking worried. Before they got the chance to ask anything further Ginny came running. She hugged Harry and kissed him on the cheek and seated herself.

“Guess what? We’re going to have a ball at Halloween. How fun wouldn’t that be?” Ginny sounded so excited that it infected on Hermione, who isn’t that fond in parties or so.

“I can’t wait. I have no idea how to dress myself. Hermione, you have to help me! Oh, and Harry, we have to find a costume to you to.” Ginny wouldn’t shut up about the ball, and Hermione thought that was quite entertaining.

“Ginny, calm down. It’s a month to go, you have plenty of time.” Hermione said with a laugh.

“Plenty of time? Are you kidding me? Don’t you know how long it takes to find the perfect costume?” Ginny sounded hysterical, so Hermione led her outside and told her to take a few deep breaths and calm down.

“Are you feeling better?” Ginny nodded and Hermione let go of her arm.

“I have class now, so I have to go. See you later.” Hermione said and waved, before going to Transfiguration, which was her first class for the year.

Hermione flipped through the book so that the time would go faster. She didn’t even hear that someone was there, until someone snatched her up. She tried to scream but that someone covered her mouth. She was pulled in an empty classroom, and she heard someone lock the door. She pulled out her wand and turned around to see Malfoy stand by the door with a smirk on his face.

“Hello Granger.”

“What do you want?” Hermione shrieked and Malfoy looked coldly at her.

Silencio. Accio wand!” Hermione’s wand flew out of her hand and into Malfoy’s.

“What are you doing?”

“I just need to make sure you don’t tell anyone about that kiss.”

“Why would I? Like I want my reputation ruined so that everyone gets to know I kissed the Slytherin sex god.” She said the last words with a really sarcastic voice.

“Don’t play with me Mudblood.” He stepped closer and for a second Hermione felt fear, but quickly pushed it aside.

“I’m not going to tell anyone, so please let me go.” Hermione started to get really annoyed and just wanted to go out. Class would start soon and she didn’t want to get late.

“You have to promise you won’t tell anyone.” He said, coming closer. Hermione stepped one step back, and felt the wall behind her.

“I promise I won’t tell anyone about the kiss.” She said and hold out her right hand. Malfoy gripped it and pushed her to the wall. He took the other hand to and she looked at him a bit confused and afraid. She wasn’t sure about how far he’d actually go.

She looked him in the eyes, and she could feel her cheeks get red, like the always turned when she was really angry.


The look in her eyes. The anger that made her honey brown eyes even darker made her even hotter. No, he wasn’t supposed to think that way. But still. Her lips, light red and so soft. He leaned closer and her eyes got even bigger. He breathed on her small, delicate neck. He softly kissed her, before he bit her, leaving a mark. Her breath quickened and Malfoy kissed her lips, putting his arms around her waist. Her hands rested on his chest, but didn’t try to push him away. He kissed her with passion and then he dropped his head to once again kiss her neck. Suddenly he felt her push him away. He looked her in the eyes, which were now filled with tears.

“Don’t…” She whispered, before she picked up her wand, that he had dropped, and ran out of the room. He stood there, his hands against the wall. He stood there for minutes, before he picked up his own wand. He walked out of the room, and saw that Transfiguration class already started. He walked in and seated himself behind Granger. Why he didn’t quite now. After a few seconds Pansy entered the room, seating next to Malfoy.

“Why are we sitting here?” She asked, frowning her for head.

“I don’t know. Needed a change maybe.” He said and shrugged his shoulders.

During the whole lesson he stared into Grangers neck, and he saw the mark he left behind, but she tried to cover it with her collar. She laughed at something Weasel just said and he had a strong desire of being the one who would make her laugh. He was the one who was supposed to make her laugh, smile and feel comfortable.

When the class ended, ‘the golden trio’ rose and left the room, and Granger just looked ahead of her, avoiding his gaze.


Hermione was in the library when McGonagall came in. She looked around and when she was Hermione she hurried to her.

“Ms. Granger I need to speak with you. Come with me.”

Hermione, who thought of everything she had done, trying to find something that was forbidden, when she saw Malfoy waiting outside. She glared at him, but he looked just looked like his old self, so she ignored him and walked after McGonagall. She walked in to her office, and Hermione and Malfoy followed after her. Hermione started to feel really nervous, but tried to hide it as well as she could.

“Sit.” McGonagall commanded and they both obeyed.

“Don’t look so worried Granger, I’m not going to yell at you.” Hermione felt herself relax, but she felt a little uncomfortable sitting so near Malfoy.

“I was just going to inform you, since you’re the Head’s that we’re going to start a new class to the seventh years. It will teach you to trust each other, and you will have it with all of the other Houses.”

“What does that mean?” Hermione asked, a little confused.

“That means Ms. Granger that it’s like every other class, but a bit different. It teaches you how to talk to everyone and try trusting the other students in the school. More I can’t tell.” McGonagall said with a hint of a smile on the corners of her lips. “You can go now.” She turned around and started working with some papers on her desk. Hermione and Malfoy left and when they got out, Hermione hurried away from him.

She wanted to get as far away as possible and she didn’t want to get late to her next class. She looked at her schedule, and she sighed when she was it was Potion. And guess with whom. The Slytherins of course. She sighed and leaned herself against the wall. Why can’t she just go to class, and try to forget about the kisses?

She didn’t think she would ever say this, but she might actually like Malfoy. And it doesn’t help that his being an utterly jerk to her. God how she hates this! Why can’t it be like before, when she hated him. Why does she have to fancy him? Well, she probably always had a thing for him, but she just thought it was for his looks but… It’s something else that draws her to him. Something hidden, something that he has forgotten. Something that she wants to find out what it is. She leaned her head against her hands and she felt tears falling down. Why does life have to be so complicated? Why can’t she just live her life the way she planned? Concentrating on her last year in school and then maybe get a boyfriend or something. Not that Malfoy would ever want to come anything like a boyfriend to her but still… She has to forget all about him, and concentrate on the important things. She wiped her cheeks and then hurried to class. She was already five minutes late.


“Sorry I’m late.” Draco turned around just as he saw Granger running into the room.

“I’m glad you decided that you think your time is not too precious to spend in Potions. Take a seat next to Malfoy. He will be your partner this year.” Granger looked around and her eyes were caught in his. Brown to silver. She flushed a bit and seated next to him.

“Well well, isn’t Ms Know-it-all a bit late?” Draco asked with a smirk and Granger looked a bit hurt, but he could’ve imagined it, because the next second she showed no emotions. Draco got a little confused, but decided it’s none of his business why she acts like she does.

They started to work on their potions, which proved to be Poly juice potion, but Snape had changed it so that it would only take a week for it to get ready instead of a month. He saw a little smile on Grangers face, and his heart started pounding harder.

Dammit! She’s a Mudblood, don’t forget that. Your way to good for her! Or she’s way too good for you.

Draco shook his head and tried to get away Granger from his brain, but it was hopeless. Her scent, her hands, her lips. He couldn’t get them out of his head and he just wanted to hold her in his arms, kiss her soft lips and…

“Malfoy I know you don’t want to work with me, but please can you help me out a little bit?” She asked him and he turned around. He couldn’t hold the laughter in him as he saw her. She had accidentally put a little too much of some ingredient because her face was covered in some brown slime.

“Don’t laugh at me!” She said, but a little smile was playing on her lips.

“But you look hilarious!” He pulled out his wand and in a few seconds the disgusting slime-thing was gone from her face.

“Thank you.” She said, and she smiled and parted her lips a bit so she showed her teeth, which were a lot smaller since he had hexed her and she had diminished them.

“Let’s get to work or we’ll never get it done.” Hermione said, and they worked hard and didn’t speak unless they needed some ingredients.


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